First, check out my gallery to see if you like my style of plush!

If so, you can use this price guide below to get an estimate of how much your plush will cost!

***My plush are intended for adult collectors. My work may have fragile details, small parts and some hand stitching is involved, so please be careful about giving them to children. Unless otherwise requested, I will post pictures of the finished plush on my website and social media.***

You can send me an inquiry here for a more accurate quote and I will email you back to confirm your order. Payment, shipping and terms are detailed in the document.

Note: custom plush orders may not be accepted depending on the amount of work I have on hand.

Preorders for characters I've already made can be found in my shop.

Pocket Human: $50+ (USD) (Coming Soon)

A small human plush with animal ears and a tail. You can keep them on your tabletop as a desk friend, or, upon request, I can attach a keychain for you so you can bring them with you on your travels. Great for itabags!


Deluxe Human: $100+ (USD) 

This tall human plush is designed to be displayed in your home, on a shelf, by the window, anywhere. Their arms and legs are lightly stuffed, giving them slight pose-ability. Since they're highly detailed, they're perfect for your collection.